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Streaming 2014, October 9-11

Excited to announce this year’s Streaming program, featuring Richard Beck and Greg Boyd. More info to come. Promises to be a good one.

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Three Smooth Stones for Ministry

Ministry is not a science, at least not the way I think about it. As my friends, Ryan and Jess Woods, put it. Ministry is about the two most unpredictable forces in the world–the Spirit of God and human beings. … Continue reading

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Johnny Cash, Outlaw, Sufferer, and the Gospel

Richard Beck’s latest posts on Johnny Cash reminded me of a very similar piece I wrote about five years ago on my old blog site. Like Richard, I have had times of fascination with Cash and his attempt to hold together the … Continue reading

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Salvation is more than a Binary

In one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing, Toby is being legally deposed in relation to his ex-wife’s pregnancy. At one point, the attorney deposing him asks “how pregnant is your ex-wife?” Toby’s response is something like, “the … Continue reading

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Dr. Love’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day. And speaking on behalf of men everywhere, I’ll just say the pressure to produce the right romantic gesture can be overwhelming. Many of us are working way outside of our genetic wheelhouse. … Continue reading

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A Rant of Biblical Distortions

I was recently asked to review a book for a theological journal. The book absolutely made me nuts. I found it to be pretty much a crime against the environment given the trees that gave their life for its production. … Continue reading

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Meaningful Christian Jargon

I have spent an extraordinary amount of energy around the word missional the past few years. I discovered the word through the GOCN while I was writing my DMin thesis. I was brought to ACU to teach in their seminary … Continue reading

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