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We are Being Saved: The Word of the Cross

As we noticed in our previous post, in three places, Paul uses the phrase “being saved.” In all three of those texts, there is an emphasis on the death of Jesus. For those being saved, the word of the cross … Continue reading

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We Are Being Saved: the promise of the pesky

The journey to new insight often follows the path of a pesky phrase. You know, that one phrase that doesn’t quite fit into your understanding of things. It’s the anomaly that suggests that things may not be what they appear. … Continue reading

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The Gospel and Cultures: The location of the gospel story

This piece is written primarily for the benefit of my grad students who are taking an online class, Gospel and Cultures. I think it’s pretty important stuff for all of us to think about though. So, you get to read … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks: Songs for Tough Times

Last week’s long run came to an abrupt halt right at the two mile mark. Sharp pain just below my left knee. My left knee has bothered me since I dislocated my knee cap as a kid. Five years ago, … Continue reading

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You Are a Theologian: Be a Good One

Here’s my bold claim of the day: theology is about God. I’ll give you a minute to gather yourself. How about them Red Wings? Ok, let me see if I can make the claim a little bolder. Theology is not … Continue reading

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Lent: Making Room

Today on Facebook, my “friends” have begun to report those things they’re giving up for Lent. One is giving up beef, another watching the Big Bang theory, another Facebook (gasp), another caffeine. I think some have given up reading my … Continue reading

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Mercy, Not Sacrifice: The Missional Imperative

In Matthew 9, Jesus challenges the Pharisees, “Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’” A few chapters later, the Pharisees find themselves on the wrong side of a dispute about the law with Jesus. There he … Continue reading

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How to Read Your Bible More Better, Drei

Beyond all the techniques for reading, the most important thing you bring to the text is questions. The kinds of questions you ask of a text determine to a large extent the kinds of answers you get back. So, in … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks: Dylan Covers

In an age when austerity might increasingly be the new normal, one thing is not in short supply. Dylan covers. I was recently given the new 4-cd compilation of Dylan covers benefitting the work of Amnesty International. 73 covers. 73 … Continue reading

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How Better to Read the Bible, Deuce

Slow down. Read longer sections. This piece of two-fold advice runs counter to our ADD culture.We want to dip into the Bible, grab a nugget of inspiration and get on with our day. Problem is, not much of the Bible … Continue reading

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