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The Patient Practice of Sail Making

A little excerpt from the book I’m trying to finish on Luke’s view of the church. The movement and power of the Holy Spirit explains the practices and shape of the church in Acts. This statement bears some emphasis. In … Continue reading

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Salvation and the Church, Bacon and Eggs: A Reflection

The last few days, I’ve been at an excellent conference hosted by the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and The Parish Collective. If you don’t know the work of the Parish Collective, you should. And the place to start … Continue reading

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By God’s mercies: secured by the resurrection

I often tell church leaders that a typical response in leadership to anxiety is to enact greater measures of control. Whatever short term gains are made through these measures, they often result in negative long-term consequences. Instead, and perhaps counter-intuitively, … Continue reading

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“Christian leadership” is not an oxymoron

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Since my last post, I got married, honeymooned in San Francisco, and took three weeks to recover from a nasty bout of bronchitis. Hopefully, I’m up and back at it now. My friend, … Continue reading

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What has to be true

I know the measure of the gospel is not my ability to believe it. It doesn’t stop being good news because I don’t believe it. But it does have to sound like good news to me for me to believe … Continue reading

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OK, here’s the deal. The Holy Spirit is always moving in the world, bringing it closer into line with God’s coming future. But we aren’t always discerning of the Spirit’s movement. The key to this kind of discernment is space. … Continue reading

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Preaching: In weakness and much trembling

As you get older, your self-perception changes. My fianc√© will tell you that I tend to regale my former athletic accomplishments ad nauseam, because now to look at me and the way I move you could scarcely believe that I … Continue reading

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What I Wanted to Hear this Easter, But Didn’t

I’m trying not to make this a grumpy old theologian post. I had a great holy week. In my tradition, we haven’t typically made a big fuss about Easter. That’s something other people did. Every Sunday was Easter for us. … Continue reading

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Myths of Control, God, and Violence

It occurred to me as I finished my last post, that I still have some things to say about this business of seeing God’s engagement with the world in terms of control. As I wrote, God’s power in the world … Continue reading

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The Divine is in the Details: Reflections on Peace, Power, and Process

As Paul says, “the kingdom of God is not about talk, but power.” Indeed. I am of the opinion that there is no place where the gospel becomes more practical than in matters related to power.¬† I want to quickly … Continue reading

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