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OK, here’s the deal. The Holy Spirit is always moving in the world, bringing it closer into line with God’s coming future. But we aren’t always discerning of the Spirit’s movement. The key to this kind of discernment is space. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and Duck Dynasty

Facebook has been uninhabitable these past few weeks, what with the war on Christmas thing combined with the Duck Dynasty flap. Both are ridiculous in my estimation, but perhaps this is because I cannot grow a beard. Mixed into these … Continue reading

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One Thought on God and Scripture

If you start with certain notions of God, e.g. that God is undivided, changeless, eternal–a view given to us by Greek philosophy and now wed to much Christian theology, particularly reformed varieties–then Scripture has to share those qualities to represent … Continue reading

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Coffee Shop Church-Talk: “Church-world” problems

I have a new favorite coffee shop. It’s in downtown Rochester. They roast their own beans. They slow “pour” every cup of coffee through a filter. Their cappuccinos are a work of art with the little hearts drawn in the … Continue reading

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Grace Gets Things Done

I once had an elder tell me, “I know that we’re saved by grace, but you have to run the church with a little law.” I thought of that statement again today as I told my freshman Bible class about … Continue reading

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Things Worth Getting Your Head Stapled: An Update

As I chronicled here in previous posts, a little over a year ago I had a series of surgeries to address an essential tremor that had gotten in the way of living a normal life. For those of you who … Continue reading

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Advent and Christmas: Two Different Stories of God in the World?

When Elizabeth travelled to Mary’s house, the Spirit of God was moving mightily, and as always this meant things would be turned upside down. And Mary sang a song full of the moment: My soul magnifies the Lord, and my … Continue reading

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