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Paul’s Temporal Imagination: what difference does it make?

OK, last post I got some feedback on Facebook. Went something like this: you’re a fancy thinker and writer and all, mr. smartypantsblogger. But what does any of this have to do with anything? I think that is a direct … Continue reading

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The Christian Imagination According to Paul

In her recent book, Sin: The Early History of an Idea, Paula Fredricksen contrasts Jesus and Paul’s notions of sin and salvation (though they are not identical, they share important assumptions) with those of later Christian thinkers, notably Justin Martyr, … Continue reading

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Dylan on a Sunday: It’s back, maybe

At my former blog, I did a little piece each Sunday on Bob Dylan. I called it, surprisingly enough, Dylan on a Sunday. And a few people read it each week, notably my mom and Craig Jenkins. While my blog … Continue reading

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The Loss of a Mentor

Quite a few people lost a mentor today. I am one of them. Charles Siburt taught me an awful lot about ministry. As a young minister, I knew of Charles and his reputation as a scholar/minister for the Glenwood Church … Continue reading

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