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The Practicalities of Having Been Found a Charismatic: bigger than the indivdual or the church

If you place the Holy Spirit at the heart of your theology, you have to be open to the idea that God might be present in places you don’t expect. If there’s one thing I’m sure of regarding the Spirit, … Continue reading

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The practicalities of being found charismatic: built for “it seemed good” moments

Some of you have responded to my recent posts with the question, “what difference would this make?” So, let me state the question this way: what difference would it make to move the reality of the Holy Spirit closer to … Continue reading

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A charismatic view of salvation: got some full gospel?

Whenever I pass churches that have the words “full gospel” on their sign, I think to myself “I should be for that.” No one wants half a gospel or even three quarters. You don’t want mostly good news, or only … Continue reading

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Holding together the Theology and the Holy Spirit: Leonard Allen is coming to Streaming

It was my first semester of grad school, and I was excited to be taking a class from Tom Olbricht, who had achieved legendary status in my circles of influence. Alas, the opening class session brought a different professor, a … Continue reading

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On Being Found a Charismatic: clarifications and reflections

In yesterday’s blog I claimed the mantle of “charismatic,” which to many sounded like a confession of a new found status. It wasn’t. I’ve considered myself a charismatic a long time. By that I mean that my Christian existence is … Continue reading

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Why I’m a Charismatic: and you should be too

At my recent dissertation defense, my primary advisor made some observations at points that called into question my theological commitments. He wondered if I might be a legalist, a Barthian (I’m not sure which is worse to him), and on … Continue reading

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