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The Cover, Johnny Cash/Depeche Mode, and Meaning

In my last post, which featured the Led Zeppelin cover, In My Time of Dying, I used the “cover” as an analogy for how biblical materials get used anew in different contexts within Scripture itself. The point I tried to … Continue reading

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A little riff on Springsteen

This past October, James Smith led our Streaming conference on worship and the formation of missional communities. He also supplied the title for the conference, “Everybody has a hungry heart,” a Springsteen lyric. We took his title and ran with … Continue reading

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Dr. Love’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day. And speaking on behalf of men everywhere, I’ll just say the pressure to produce the right romantic gesture can be overwhelming. Many of us are working way outside of our genetic wheelhouse. … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks:songs and seasons of life

Today I will run with the Black Keys in my ears. I can’t get enough of them right now. I’ve always liked them, but these days I begin every genius playlist on itunes with either She Said, She Said, Everlasting … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks: Songs for Tough Times

Last week’s long run came to an abrupt halt right at the two mile mark. Sharp pain just below my left knee. My left knee has bothered me since I dislocated my knee cap as a kid. Five years ago, … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Tracks

My old blog had a regular Sunday feature I called Dylan on a Sunday. I started in on a lark one Sunday, just highlighting lyrics from a Dylan song, no commentary. That grew into this huge thing. Dylan provided me … Continue reading

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New Pages

My life has undergone many changes in the past few years. Some of them exciting, some of them hard and painful, all of them transformative. During this time, there was a season when I lost my appetites. I wasn’t hungry … Continue reading

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