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Hospitality as leadership: a different kind of grad program

I have the privilege of directing a unique graduate program in missional leadership. In addition to our great faculty, we have four features that make our program unique: 1. We insist that all of our students have ministry contexts in … Continue reading

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Practice hospitality in ways that convey the welcome of God much? Missional competence #4

I hear this story often. “We’re very friendly. Friendliest congregation I’ve ever been a part of. I don’t understand why we aren’t growing.” I have a hunch. Congregations that think they are friendly are often very inward oriented congregations. It’s … Continue reading

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Metric Observed: Grassroots Conspiracy and third spaces

In my last “metric” for post-Christendom congregations, I suggested that the number of “joiners” that begin their experience of Christian community apart from visiting on Sunday mornings is a good indicator of missional health. It’s tough for congregations to imagine … Continue reading

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Hospitality as Power

I have the great privilege each year of traveling with graduate students in our missional leadership program to Durham, NC, to spend some time with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and the Rutba House new monastic community. This year, I invited Richard Beck … Continue reading

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Mercy, Not Sacrifice: Welcome to the table of the Lord

I grew up in a tradition, the tradition in which I still participate, that practiced the Lord’s Supper every Sunday. It was impressed upon me by those presiding at the table that this was not a practice to be trifled … Continue reading

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Turkey, Islam, and Hospitality

“Whoever gives you a cup of water because you bear my name will not lose their reward” Mark 9:41. I received some of the warmest hospitality I have ever experienced from Muslims in Turkey. We saw the sites–Hagia Sophia, Blue … Continue reading

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Lent: Making Room

Today on Facebook, my “friends” have begun to report those things they’re giving up for Lent. One is giving up beef, another watching the Big Bang theory, another Facebook (gasp), another caffeine. I think some have given up reading my … Continue reading

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