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Dylan on a Sunday: It’s back, maybe

At my former blog, I did a little piece each Sunday on Bob Dylan. I called it, surprisingly enough, Dylan on a Sunday. And a few people read it each week, notably my mom and Craig Jenkins. While my blog … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks:songs and seasons of life

Today I will run with the Black Keys in my ears. I can’t get enough of them right now. I’ve always liked them, but these days I begin every genius playlist on itunes with either She Said, She Said, Everlasting … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks: Songs for Tough Times

Last week’s long run came to an abrupt halt right at the two mile mark. Sharp pain just below my left knee. My left knee has bothered me since I dislocated my knee cap as a kid. Five years ago, … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks: Dylan Covers

In an age when austerity might increasingly be the new normal, one thing is not in short supply. Dylan covers. I was recently given the new 4-cd compilation of Dylan covers benefitting the work of Amnesty International. 73 covers. 73 … Continue reading

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Dr. Love’s Songs for Valentine’s Day

OK, with the last name “Love,” there are certain kinds of things expected of you. Even more when you are Dr. Love. Being a theologian is a good way to go if this is your name, but I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Tracks

My old blog had a regular Sunday feature I called Dylan on a Sunday. I started in on a lark one Sunday, just highlighting lyrics from a Dylan song, no commentary. That grew into this huge thing. Dylan provided me … Continue reading

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