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Dear freshman, a little good news

I realized when making out my final for my freshman Bible class that I hadn’t adequately prepared them to write an essay on Paul for the final exam. So, I wrote one for them and asked for their reaction (haven’t … Continue reading

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Repent and Believe the Good News: A Meditation on News of Decline

I wrote this piece at the request of Jason Locke, who has been hosting a series of posts on the problems/hopes related to decline among Churches of Christ on the west coast. A lot of thoughtful stuff there that you … Continue reading

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Your Congregation Stinks at Communicating: Why I’m right about this

Congregations stink at communicating. Leaders often think that communicating means putting something in the bulletin or email newsy thing or announcing it from the front on Sundays. Not only do people not pay the kind of attention for which we … Continue reading

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Why “Bless Your Little Heart” is a Work of the Flesh and other Observations on an Ecology of the Word

In the last post, I suggested that congregational leadership could be thought of around two movements: discerning and joining. Specifically, leadership is responsible for maintaining the conditions whereby the congregation can discern the mission of God and join it. Leadership … Continue reading

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Discerning and Joining: Movements in Leading God’s People in Power

I’ve been thinking a lot about the tasks related to leading in congregations lately. More to the point, I’ve been thinking about how to create a culture within congregations in which they can act, or express their life powerfully (I … Continue reading

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What I Wanted to Hear this Easter, But Didn’t

I’m trying not to make this a grumpy old theologian post. I had a great holy week. In my tradition, we haven’t typically made a big fuss about Easter. That’s something other people did. Every Sunday was Easter for us. … Continue reading

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