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Idolatry and the Gift of Grace: Some words from Luke Timothy Johnson

The pages are literally falling out of my well-worn copy of Luke Timothy Johnson’s book, Faith’s Freedom. Admittedly, the binding on the book is not the best, but pages are falling out primarily from use. Some books you read and … Continue reading

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Out of Answers?: you’re not out of God

I have the privilege of teaching the Bible to college freshman. For most of them, the Bible is mostly a set of impressions. Even if they know some Bible stories, they really know very little about the Bible. They think … Continue reading

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Ryan Woods

Yesterday, Ryan Woods died. I’ve known of Ryan nearly his whole life. I went to church camp with his parents and his uncle was my first youth minister. His large family has cut a significant swath across Churches of Christ … Continue reading

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Process as Grace: why institution matters

I voted today. Someone provided a place for me to say yes and no to things. I’ve held myself out of the vitriol that has been our public discourse knowing that I would be able at some point to darken … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Better When I’m Older: my so-called life as parable

I preach 30 Sundays a year for the Church of Christ in Lake Orion, Michigan. They’ve been kind to me and I have benefitted from their grace and love through challenging times in my life. I often wish I had … Continue reading

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