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Competency two: discerning God’s calling in communal processes of discernment

I think the single biggest assumption that should inform the practice of ministry in congregations is this: God is living and active. Now you would think that this would be a no-brainer. After all, we all would say “Amen” to … Continue reading

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One Thought on God and Scripture

If you start with certain notions of God, e.g. that God is undivided, changeless, eternal–a view given to us by Greek philosophy and now wed to much Christian theology, particularly reformed varieties–then Scripture has to share those qualities to represent … Continue reading

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Myths of Control, God, and Violence

It occurred to me as I finished my last post, that I still have some things to say about this business of seeing God’s engagement with the world in terms of control. As I wrote, God’s power in the world … Continue reading

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God is Love, Not Control

I’ve had a regrettable gap between my last posts. It’s regrettable because I promised one more post in the last “series” I’ve been doing on God’s activity in the world–or better, on our ability to speak of God’s activity in … Continue reading

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Taking the Name of the Lord in Vain: the dangers of simple cause and effect logic

A theological pet peeve of mine is the easy indictment. By this I mean that causation is assigned to either God or Satan with a bare reading of the circumstance. Children get killed in a Connecticut school and easy assertions … Continue reading

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Why Ministry Training Must Change: we’re not in Kansas anymore

No one has invested more in the way we have been training ministers for the past 200 years than I have. I have a BA in biblical studies, an MA in Christian history, an MDiv (the gold standard ministry degree), … Continue reading

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You Are a Theologian: Be a Good One

Here’s my bold claim of the day: theology is about God. I’ll give you a minute to gather yourself. How about them Red Wings? Ok, let me see if I can make the claim a little bolder. Theology is not … Continue reading

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How to Read Your Bible More Better, Drei

Beyond all the techniques for reading, the most important thing you bring to the text is questions. The kinds of questions you ask of a text determine to a large extent the kinds of answers you get back. So, in … Continue reading

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The Diversity of Scripture: Holy God, Holy Bible

Anyone who reads the Bible closely knows that there it possesses impressive diversity. Not all perspectives in Scripture are the same. Some of the differences we find in Scripture are insignificant, but some of them are more substantial and make … Continue reading

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Repost: A Non-Reducible Text in the Service of a Non-Reducible God

Second in a series started on my old blog to be finished here. Texts do different things. And because they do different things, they have different characteristics. The stop sign around the corner from my house only works if it … Continue reading

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