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Your kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven: further points on my gender-inclusive journey

My mother, as a girl, was taught that Christians should not say the Lord’s Prayer. The reason? Because it was no longer needed, since the Kingdom had already come. It was a model prayer, it turns out, for only a … Continue reading

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Not all biblical texts are created equal

My first semester in grad school, I took Tom Olbricht’s course, Religious Teachings of the New Testament. (It was before we believed in theology at ACU. Apparently, we believed in religion). The first lecture changed my life. The rest of … Continue reading

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Make me Clean: a reflection on illness and salvation

I have a benign essential tremor. My hands have a tremor. It’s worse in my left hand than my right. Some days are worse than others and I can’t seem to pinpoint any reason why. I am, it seems, subject … Continue reading

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How Better to Read Your Bible

Cultural, biblical literacy is pretty poor and getting worse. I know this because the freshman survey course I teach on the Bible at a Christian college is long on inexperience. Even the kids who grew up going to Sunday School … Continue reading

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