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Time: What Christian Love Demands

I recently witnessed an interaction that led me to conclude that the worst offense a person can commit in our day and age is wasting another person’s time. The person who felt his and other people’s time had been wasted … Continue reading

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Myths of Control, God, and Violence

It occurred to me as I finished my last post, that I still have some things to say about this business of seeing God’s engagement with the world in terms of control. As I wrote, God’s power in the world … Continue reading

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God is Love, Not Control

I’ve had a regrettable gap between my last posts. It’s regrettable because I promised one more post in the last “series” I’ve been doing on God’s activity in the world–or better, on our ability to speak of God’s activity in … Continue reading

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We are Being Saved: I’ll have mine venti, please

If you ordered a tall, skinny, salvation latte, you would be getting forgiveness of sins and a home in heaven. I prefer, however, a venti, whole milk, hazelnut salvation latte. And what I get here is the opportunity to participate … Continue reading

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Dr. Love’s Songs for Valentine’s Day

OK, with the last name “Love,” there are certain kinds of things expected of you. Even more when you are Dr. Love. Being a theologian is a good way to go if this is your name, but I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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