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When excellence is a guiding principle, is your worship Christian?

At a conference at a Christian University several years ago, I heard Stanley Hauerwas comment on part of the University’s mission statement that used the word “excellence.” As only Hauerwas can say it, “When excellence is in your mission statement, … Continue reading

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Small Groups: The promise of heaven, the perils of hell (or at least purgatory)

I know I should like the idea of small groups, but my experience has left me less than enthusiastic. I should like the idea, because fundamentally Christianity is a communal reality. The God who exists in community creates for community. … Continue reading

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Oh! for the Good Old Days When They Stapled My Head

When you have staples in a shaved head, you get three reactions. Two of them occurred in my freshman bible class, which I taught six days after surgery. The guys thought it was pretty cool, the girls not so much. … Continue reading

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I’m a Situated Learningologist: and why you should be too

I direct a masters degree that is delivered primarily in an online format. It’s hard for me to say the word “online” aloud when explaining the degree. The word online carries so much baggage. It’s almost like your saying you … Continue reading

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Why Ministry Training Must Change: forming learning communities

I am fully convinced that situated learning, or learning in context, is the way to prepare ministers. I was dubious about whether learning that depended a great deal on online delivery would work toward these ends. I was particularly concerned … Continue reading

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Why Theological Training Must Change: cultivating a God-centered identity

The great NT scholar, Richard Hays, once spoke at a conference I hosted on the topic, Reading Scripture in Community. He made a brilliant presentation on “practices of the resurrection” that should inform the way we engage Scripture as a … Continue reading

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