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Dylan on a Friday: The Musicares Speech and Preaching

As readers of my former blog know, I used to write a weekly piece entitled, “Dylan on a Sunday” where I would riff on some lyric or theme or related theological topic in the Dylan world. I’ve written a few … Continue reading

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Dylan on a Sunday: It’s back, maybe

At my former blog, I did a little piece each Sunday on Bob Dylan. I called it, surprisingly enough, Dylan on a Sunday. And a few people read it each week, notably my mom and Craig Jenkins. While my blog … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks:songs and seasons of life

Today I will run with the Black Keys in my ears. I can’t get enough of them right now. I’ve always liked them, but these days I begin every genius playlist on itunes with either She Said, She Said, Everlasting … Continue reading

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Saturday Tracks: Dylan Covers

In an age when austerity might increasingly be the new normal, one thing is not in short supply. Dylan covers. I was recently given the new 4-cd compilation of Dylan covers benefitting the work of Amnesty International. 73 covers. 73 … Continue reading

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