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Scribes Trained for the Kingdom of Heaven: Ministry in Matthew, Part 3

One last bit of reflection on Matthew before I move on to Luke. I want to begin with an observation I made at the beginning of this “series” related to the gospels and churches. If you believe, as seems obvious, … Continue reading

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The gospels, the practice of theology, and the tasks of ministry

If you will allow me an overly general observation, there are fundamentally two kinds of theology with two corresponding ways of thinking about ministry. One is a theology from above which moves from revelation to experience, context being secondary and … Continue reading

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Ministry in the shape of a story

“We tell stories to live.” So begins the great book, Mighty Stories, Dangerous Rituals (Anderson and Foley). I feel like I don’t even need to explain this statement because it’s so self-evident to us. We are a story telling, story … Continue reading

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How Better to Read the Bible, Deuce

Slow down. Read longer sections. This piece of two-fold advice runs counter to our ADD culture.We want to dip into the Bible, grab a nugget of inspiration and get on with our day. Problem is, not much of the Bible … Continue reading

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How Better to Read Your Bible

Cultural, biblical literacy is pretty poor and getting worse. I know this because the freshman survey course I teach on the Bible at a Christian college is long on inexperience. Even the kids who grew up going to Sunday School … Continue reading

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