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Is your worship renewal pagan follow-up

I thought yesterday’s post was a little one-off kind of post, published on a Saturday when no one reads blogs. But the post struck a nerve, both positive and negative. I’m fine with people disagreeing with my blog, especially respectfully, … Continue reading

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Are your congregation’s efforts at worship renewal pagan?

Last weekend, Randy Harris, from Abilene Christian University, spent a day with our new missional leadership cohort at Rochester College, helping them to write a shared rule of life. Randy’s the guy to do this work, and we get so … Continue reading

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15:28 compliant: got some prayer?

Churches pray. I know they do. But sometimes I feel like they pray as a congregation the way some families pray at mealtime. They’ve got the perfunctory prayers down. They pray when they’re expected to, so that prayer is one … Continue reading

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15:28 compliant: considering the testimony of boundary transgressors

One of the implications of the Spirit being poured out on all flesh is that The Spirit’s influence won’t be limited to people you hang out with. And Acts isn’t the story it is without people who transgress the perceived … Continue reading

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15:28 compliance: the Spirit poured out on all flesh.

Here’s the question I’m pushing. What environment would have to exist for there to be an Acts 15:28 moment, “it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.” Let me first say that this is not an environment created … Continue reading

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Why you should come to Streaming, Oct 8-10

Baptized with Fire: The Holy Spirit and Missional Communities Jerry Taylor will be preaching from Ezekiel 37, the valley of dry bones, and if that doesn’t give you goose bumps of anticipation, then you don’t know either Jerry Taylor or … Continue reading

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Is your congregation 15:28 compliant?

For Paul, it’s all about ecology. Remember, for Paul grace is a “saving dynamic environment,” a dominion, that produces a certain kind of life. I am convinced that life in the Spirit both creates and requires a certain kind of … Continue reading

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More than a feeling, or why you may not actually have a word from the Spirit

Here’s my heretical sentence for the week (you should have at least one a week). Non-Christians who are attentive to the world around them through slow rhythms of life might very well have lives more in line with the coming … Continue reading

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