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The Joys of Teaching Freshman Bible

First day of class today. Thirty-five bleary-eyed freshman at 8:00 am the first day of classes. One bleary-eyed professor at 8:00 am. I am not excited by the time slot I was given, but I am excited to teach these … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Mega-Church: no, really

Some people assume that because my sympathies lie with the missional church that I am anti-megachurch. I will admit that I have concerns about megachurches, or that I think they are poorly suited for some things. But for many things, … Continue reading

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Preaching: In weakness and much trembling

As you get older, your self-perception changes. My fiancé will tell you that I tend to regale my former athletic accomplishments ad nauseam, because now to look at me and the way I move you could scarcely believe that I … Continue reading

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Clarification on My Comments About Preaching and Change

I committed the sin of bloggers–making a point without sufficient nuance. And a reader was right to call me on it. I made the overheated suggestion that if you are seeking change within your congregation, you shouldn’t preach a sermon … Continue reading

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Stupid Ministry Tricks: Do not do this thing.

I have a former colleague who used to say he could solve the preacher-elder wars. To elders, you can’t make everyone happy. To ministers, don’t be stupid. I think both pieces of advice might be unrealistic. But I do think … Continue reading

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