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Music, and then theology

I’ve had the opportunity over the last few years to make several presentations on the intersection of popular music and theology. I’ve decided to write an introduction that explains the “what” and “why” of what I do and to collect … Continue reading

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On the way to an alternative proposal, a review of Spufford’s “Unapologetic”

Because my last few years have been spent reading the same books over and over as I try to finish a dissertation, I often have to give a sheepish “no” to the question of whether or not I have read … Continue reading

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“Christian leadership” is not an oxymoron

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Since my last post, I got married, honeymooned in San Francisco, and took three weeks to recover from a nasty bout of bronchitis. Hopefully, I’m up and back at it now. My friend, … Continue reading

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What has to be true

I know the measure of the gospel is not my ability to believe it. It doesn’t stop being good news because I don’t believe it. But it does have to sound like good news to me for me to believe … Continue reading

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Your focus becomes your life

I know how easy it is for church life to get derailed by the silly or the peripheral. Someone’s hobby gets loud enough to dominate the collective energy of the church. A lot of time, this occurs because the church … Continue reading

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Richard Beck Coming to Streaming, Oct 9-11

It’s a great deal in life when one of your favorite people turns out to be someone you get to work with from time-to-time. Richard Beck is one of those guys for me. We were colleagues at Abilene Christian University … Continue reading

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Loving as Knowing and thoughts about ministry preparation

What if theology were about God, not just the history of ideas about God? And what if ministry training was about pursuing God and not just knowing things about God or acquiring skills related to the public tasks of ministry? … Continue reading

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Three Smooth Stones: Am I Making Ministry too Complex?

So, I’ve had an imaginary dialogue partner as I’ve written the last three posts on action-reflection-articulation, managing polarities, and myth and parable. And this imaginary partner says, “Hey, smarty pants. You don’t have to know any of these things to … Continue reading

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Idolatry and the Gift of Grace: Some words from Luke Timothy Johnson

The pages are literally falling out of my well-worn copy of Luke Timothy Johnson’s book, Faith’s Freedom. Admittedly, the binding on the book is not the best, but pages are falling out primarily from use. Some books you read and … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Power Like a River

I recently preached a sermon series through 1 and 2 Samuel. We know the big stories. Saul and David and Goliath and Jonathan and Bathsheba. They are stories we tell over and over. Some stories, however, we tend to avoid … Continue reading

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