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Four Quotes that Help Keep Me Straight

These quotes are all taped to a picture that hangs above my desk and I hope they guide my work to some extent. Three are from novelist John Updike and the other from the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. From Updike. “When … Continue reading

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Learning Without Cynicism

I’ve seen it and experienced it myself. Advanced theological training often leaves students and future ministers cynical. I think there are several reasons for this. First, seminary training tends to be deconstructive. There’s almost no way around this to some … Continue reading

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In Praise of Historical-Critical Readings of Scripture

I’ve written quite a bit about the use of Scripture in the church and have from time-to-time taken some shots at the historical-critical method. By historical-critical method, I mean those methods that are used to locate the text within its … Continue reading

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Why our Fight is Not Against “the Culture”

A few months ago, I wrote a series of blogs concerning some of my views on women in ministry. I was accused by some readers of abandoning biblical principles in favor of culture. I know what they meant. They were … Continue reading

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On Sinners Reading Scripture

My undergrads often comment on how strange Scripture seems to them when they read it. They can’t make sense of a lot of it. They’re like the Eunuch in the chariot saying, “how can I understand what I’m reading unless … Continue reading

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Leaving Room for the Spirit: Practices of Spaciousness

In my last post, I suggested that it takes spaciousness or roominess for a community of faith to discern the moving of the Spirit and gave a few examples of how that space might be collapsed. A few of you … Continue reading

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