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By God’s mercies: secured by the resurrection

I often tell church leaders that a typical response in leadership to anxiety is to enact greater measures of control. Whatever short term gains are made through these measures, they often result in negative long-term consequences. Instead, and perhaps counter-intuitively, … Continue reading

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The Faithfulness of Risk Taking: Competency Six

I have two initial diagnostics I use when gauging a congregation’s capacity to innovate missionally. First, is their trust in the system. Second, is their tolerance for risk. These two things, of course, are often linked, though you can have … Continue reading

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What I Wanted to Hear this Easter, But Didn’t

I’m trying not to make this a grumpy old theologian post. I had a great holy week. In my tradition, we haven’t typically made a big fuss about Easter. That’s something other people did. Every Sunday was Easter for us. … Continue reading

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Ryan Woods

Yesterday, Ryan Woods died. I’ve known of Ryan nearly his whole life. I went to church camp with his parents and his uncle was my first youth minister. His large family has cut a significant swath across Churches of Christ … Continue reading

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Ryan Woods is Coming to Streaming: one more reason you should as well

I currently am using Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Young Radicals (edited by Shaine Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove) for my daily prayers. Yes, I think of myself as a young radical. Today’s prayers included Psalm 109. “But you, O Lord … Continue reading

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Lent: Making Room

Today on Facebook, my “friends” have begun to report those things they’re giving up for Lent. One is giving up beef, another watching the Big Bang theory, another Facebook (gasp), another caffeine. I think some have given up reading my … Continue reading

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