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The Beauty of a Two Volt Brain

One of my favorite people from the first surgery I had was a technician who, I found out later, worked for the manufacturer of the batteries placed in my chest. He was the one who listened to the sound of … Continue reading

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Oh! for the Good Old Days When They Stapled My Head

When you have staples in a shaved head, you get three reactions. Two of them occurred in my freshman bible class, which I taught six days after surgery. The guys thought it was pretty cool, the girls not so much. … Continue reading

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Things Worth Getting Your Head Stapled

My neurosurgeon is a young, confident gunslinger–what you’d have to be to be a brain surgeon. His confidence made me confident. I could do this no problem. My brother, the pediatric cardiologist, told me to wait for the surgical option … Continue reading

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A Communion Story

Sunday was a momentous day for me. I sat between my father and my son in church. When the communion tray was passed down our aisle, it came to my father first. Normally, this would be a less than ideal … Continue reading

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