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Are Churches of Christ Being Called to Die?

Much has been made in the blog-o-sphere lately about the decline in numbers in Churches of Christ, my tribe in the Christian landscape. Some folks who hang out in my little corner of the CoC have had a similar take, … Continue reading

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How Better to Read Your Bible

Cultural, biblical literacy is pretty poor and getting worse. I know this because the freshman survey course I teach on the Bible at a Christian college is long on inexperience. Even the kids who grew up going to Sunday School … Continue reading

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Dr. Love’s Songs for Valentine’s Day

OK, with the last name “Love,” there are certain kinds of things expected of you. Even more when you are Dr. Love. Being a theologian is a good way to go if this is your name, but I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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The Bible, Metaphor, and the Peephole Effect

With these most recent posts, I’ve been trying to ask the question of what kind of text could best represent God? We could state this question in the opposite direction as well. Given that we think of the Bible, this … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Tracks

Today I hope to get a “long run” in. I’ve only been running about three weeks this go around, so a long run will only be three miles. I will run it slightly faster than Palmer Glacier on Mt. Hood. … Continue reading

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The Diversity of Scripture: Holy God, Holy Bible

Anyone who reads the Bible closely knows that there it possesses impressive diversity. Not all perspectives in Scripture are the same. Some of the differences we find in Scripture are insignificant, but some of them are more substantial and make … Continue reading

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Reflections on Identity and Fatherhood on My Son’s 26th Birthday

I thought I would be good at it. A natural. Just like rolling off a log. Being a good dad. I thought it was core to my identity, just part of who I was and was meant to be. Like … Continue reading

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Meaning and the Spiritual Value of the Original Audience

I don’t think all readings of texts are created equal. Some are better than others, and its better to have good readings than poor ones. I certainly don’t want to encourage an environment in which everyone’s private, idiosyncratic reading of … Continue reading

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Repost: Meaning, the Thick and Thin of It

In teaching freshman about the Bible, I am constantly made aware of how odd Scripture is to them. This is true not only of the high number of students who have little experience with the Bible, but also with the … Continue reading

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Repost: A Non-Reducible Text in the Service of a Non-Reducible God

Second in a series started on my old blog to be finished here. Texts do different things. And because they do different things, they have different characteristics. The stop sign around the corner from my house only works if it … Continue reading

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