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Three Smooth Stones: Action-Reflection-Articulation

I worked for six years with Bill Hunt, who was our youth minister at the East County Church of Christ. Bill had studied with David Wray at ACU, one of the best churchmen I know, and had learned from him … Continue reading

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Three Smooth Stones for Ministry

Ministry is not a science, at least not the way I think about it. As my friends, Ryan and Jess Woods, put it. Ministry is about the two most unpredictable forces in the world–the Spirit of God and human beings. … Continue reading

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Learning Without Cynicism

I’ve seen it and experienced it myself. Advanced theological training often leaves students and future ministers cynical. I think there are several reasons for this. First, seminary training tends to be deconstructive. There’s almost no way around this to some … Continue reading

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Coffee Shop Church-Talk: “Church-world” problems

I have a new favorite coffee shop. It’s in downtown Rochester. They roast their own beans. They slow “pour” every cup of coffee through a filter. Their cappuccinos are a work of art with the little hearts drawn in the … Continue reading

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Small Groups: The promise of heaven, the perils of hell (or at least purgatory)

I know I should like the idea of small groups, but my experience has left me less than enthusiastic. I should like the idea, because fundamentally Christianity is a communal reality. The God who exists in community creates for community. … Continue reading

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The Divine is in the Details: Why are congregations bad at processes

Here’s my assumption. Congregations stink at processes. They stink two ways. Most don’t have processes they dearly need. And the processes they do have do not embody adequately theological beliefs or commitments. I’ve got some pretty big church horror stories, … Continue reading

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