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On the way to an alternative proposal, a review of Spufford’s “Unapologetic”

Because my last few years have been spent reading the same books over and over as I try to finish a dissertation, I often have to give a sheepish “no” to the question of whether or not I have read … Continue reading

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Leaving Room for the Spirit: Practices of Spaciousness

In my last post, I suggested that it takes spaciousness or roominess for a community of faith to discern the moving of the Spirit and gave a few examples of how that space might be collapsed. A few of you … Continue reading

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OK, here’s the deal. The Holy Spirit is always moving in the world, bringing it closer into line with God’s coming future. But we aren’t always discerning of the Spirit’s movement. The key to this kind of discernment is space. … Continue reading

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The Divine is in the Details: Process and the Leading of God

As with so many things, Luke Timothy Johnson says it right. “If we identify the church as a community of faith, the process of decision making ought to make the structures and implications of this response to reality called ‘faith’ … Continue reading

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Why Ministry Training Must Change: we’re not in Kansas anymore

No one has invested more in the way we have been training ministers for the past 200 years than I have. I have a BA in biblical studies, an MA in Christian history, an MDiv (the gold standard ministry degree), … Continue reading

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