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Lent: Making Room

Today on Facebook, my “friends” have begun to report those things they’re giving up for Lent. One is giving up beef, another watching the Big Bang theory, another Facebook (gasp), another caffeine. I think some have given up reading my … Continue reading

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Are Churches of Christ Being Called to Die?

Much has been made in the blog-o-sphere lately about the decline in numbers in Churches of Christ, my tribe in the Christian landscape. Some folks who hang out in my little corner of the CoC have had a similar take, … Continue reading

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Woe to You Passive-Aggressives!

This is just a theory based on my observations in ministry. I have no research to back up this claim. Here it is. Most congregations are petrie dishes for passive-aggressiveness. I will start by saying that I experience passive-aggressivness more … Continue reading

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Defending My “Gay” View of Leadership

Remember my last post. We (Stephen Johnson and myself) were called out for proposing a view of leadership that this person said would be deemed “weak” or “gay” by the people with whom he worked. For him, leadership meant stating … Continue reading

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It’s All About Power

I was with church leaders a few weekends ago, coaching them (with my friend Stephen Johnson) in processes of communal, spiritual discernment. It’s big on listening and on letting wisdom emerge. It requires patience and a confidence that God really … Continue reading

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