A note for preachers from Paul Ricoeur

I’m up against writing deadlines for my dissertation. So, no time for blogging these days. But in searching for a quote from Paul Ricouer on language, I found this little gem again that has huge implications for preaching. Here, Ricouer is talking precisely about the task of interpreting biblical texts.

“The primary task of a hermeneutics is not to bring about a decision in the reader (listener) but first to allow the world of being that is the ‘thing’ of the biblical text to unfold. In this way, above feelings, dispositions, belief or unbelief, is placed the proposal of a world, which in the language of the Bible, is called a new world, a new covenant, the Kingdom of God, a new birth.”

This, to my thinking, is what constitutes “biblical preaching.” Let those with ears to hear…

About Mark Love

I am the Director of the Resource Center for Missional Leadership at Rochester College. Part of my job includes directing a master's degree in missional leadership, a situated learning degree. I am married to Donna and have a son, Josh Love, who lives in Portland, OR. With Donna, I have also inherited three great daughters and three amazing granddaughters.
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3 Responses to A note for preachers from Paul Ricoeur

  1. Andrew says:

    Yes, my seminary prof told this to me
    20 years ago. What a delightful
    Inheritance says psalms 16

  2. Ray says:

    God bless you and be with you in your dissertation Mark.

  3. Susan Mitchell says:

    Yeah, and with this unfolding of “world” comes an unfolding of identity. I don’t think the picture has been compellingly painted to fully depict what it means to be a child of the King, co-heir with Jesus, seated with him in the heavelies far above all rule, carrying the authority of Christ. What does that look like? How does it play out?

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