A Satisfying New Music Find

ImageJust a note for those always on the lookout for a new band, unlike my former colleague Jeff Childers, whose iTunes collection consisted of Boston, Foreigner and ABBA (hey, when you know what you like). My recent bout with illness gave me a chance to absorb a cd by Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires. While I like a lot of new music and sounds, I crave guitar led, melodic rock and roll. And there are precious few bands who are doing that. I’m sick of Maroon 5 and Coldplay and can only take so much Mumford and Sons and Avett Brothers (though I have a post in me on the Avett Bros). Give me more bands like The Hold Steady and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club–and Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires.

This is Southern rock at its best. Blues and gospel infused rock and roll. And its smart. The lyrics are great and carry theological themes deftly and prophetically. While the genre is Southern rock, these guys are not Lynard Skynard playing variations on Dixie. They stand within the tradition to critique it, to take the gospel feel of Southern rock as hope for a different kind of South. This is best exemplified in the title track of their recent cd, “There is a Bomb in Gilead.”

Children of Abraham, don’t say you ain’t been warned,
For there will come a burning day.
Strait are the checkpoints to your enemy’s house,
And narrow is the way.

But broad are the wings of the silver birds overhead,
And wide open are their bellies’ gates.
And many there be among y’all, children,
Who will lie begging in their wakes.

There is a bomb
In Gilead.
It sitteth on the throne of peace,
And it’s fixing to get blown to pieces.
There is a bomb.

Children of Paul, forget y’all not
To Whom you belong.
For a sword long hath been wrought
That cleaves the weak from the strong.

Boy from his father.
Mama from her daughter.
If you ain’t loving,
You ain’t living.

There is a bomb
In Gilead.
It sitteth on the throne of peace,
And it’s fixing to get blown to pieces.
There is a bomb.

Well worth the listen. You’re welcome.

About Mark Love

I am the Director of the Resource Center for Missional Leadership at Rochester College. Part of my job includes directing a master's degree in missional leadership, a situated learning degree. I am married to Donna and have a son, Josh Love, who lives in Portland, OR. With Donna, I have also inherited three great daughters and three amazing granddaughters.
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2 Responses to A Satisfying New Music Find

  1. Robby says:

    I’m waiting for the Avett Brothers post!!

  2. Great article. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

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